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Mesh shorts washing instructions & aftercare

🛁 Washing & Drying 1. The detergent & softener you use greatly affects the silky feel & quality duration of my mesh shorts! After extensive testing over the years, we have found 3 clear standouts – and no they are not the cheapest, but neither is our clothing, and we want you to enjoy these bad […]

Chino washing instructions & aftercare

How to wash & care for our Chino Shorts & Pants I want to share some of our extensively tried & tested tips for wearing & caring for the most comfortable men’s chino shorts and men’s chino pants in the world, and because I want you to have and enjoy these chinos for a long time! […]

Tips to Break In a Baseball Cap and Make It Your Own!

We all have different head shapes and face proportions, we think we look good in only certain cap styles (or sometimes none at all!) and it seems every guy at some point in his life has tried to get that “just right” look in pulling off a cap, in one way or another. Here we’ve […]

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