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Perfect size and fit. Love the texture.
david.anthes - avatar david.anthes

This feels amazing. I’ve had it get caught on a ring, necklace, watch - no snags.
erik.holley - avatar erik.holley

I cannot say more about how well these feel and fit. It’s a party in my shorts!!
erik.holley - avatar erik.holley

I'm a bartender and these shorts are amazing for work. Completely light weight and breathable. The pockets are great for your bar key. I've got 8 pair and plan on getting the rest of the colors. The cost is definitely worth the product.
charlespijanowski - avatar charlespijanowski

I just got these in the mail today and the color is bright and bold. They fit perfect. If in doubt definitely go for a size down.
charlespijanowski - avatar charlespijanowski

I can't say enough about these shorts. I've got 8 pair and counting. They are amazing.
charlespijanowski - avatar charlespijanowski

I need to order more of these! Very comfortable, and awesome looking. Definitely have heads turning!
Rick Sipe - avatar Rick Sipe

Just wore these to the gym. All I can say is these are AWESOME! Love, Love them. I will order more.
Rick Sipe - avatar Rick Sipe

Just got these and I couldn't wait to try them on. I was not disappointed! I feel like I am wearing nothing! They are so soft, great color, and very cool. I will definitely order more of these. Thanks Woof!
Rick Sipe - avatar Rick Sipe

Had to return for a bigger size, but these shorts are great!
James Pratt - avatar James Pratt

These shorts are great for summer! So light weight and the mesh lining is wonderful!
james.starbuck - avatar james.starbuck

The tank top felt great and looked awesome, but, I should have ordered a size medium instead of a small. I'm 6'3," and small was too short for me.
Andrew Barnett - avatar Andrew Barnett

The tank top material felt great, but, unfortunately, they sent me the wrong color. I ordered this product, and instead I received the one with a lighter blue body and an orange trim. Bummer. Sent it back.
Andrew Barnett - avatar Andrew Barnett

I usually wear size 29 or 30 jeans, and I ordered a size small for these shorts. I was expecting a tight-fitting pair of short gym shorts, and the ones that arrived were on the baggy size. The colors were just as bright as advertised, and the material felt very soft and high-quality. Needless to say, I was heartbroken that the shorts didn't fit the way I wanted (they even bunched up at the waist when I tied the drawstring). With heavy heart, I sent them back. If Woof ever releases a size extra-small, I'll definitely buy them.
Andrew Barnett - avatar Andrew Barnett

Really comfortable and great quality. This finished inside seams eliminate all chafing. Sizing is spot on, as a more mature man, the medium was a perfect fit for my 34 inch waist.

I love it. Pushes the goods out to full attention! Comfortable too.
possiblymaybe1983 - avatar possiblymaybe1983

These shorts are amazing! First, the fabric is much lighter and stretchier than I was expecting. Second, I love the low rise cut. I am pretty short waisted and these shorts give me a more normal upper body proportion, and besides, I like that my pubes show out the top.
I am so glad I took the online advise and got a size smaller than I normally would. These fit so amazing. Thanks, guys! Woof!!
shotinsd - avatar shotinsd

Great, comfy shorts. B***over access easy. Slip on and off. Love them. If you like to be on the more fitted side, pick a size down.
Oirem - avatar Oirem

Great pair of shorts. This was one of the first products I purchased and I am gong to buy more! Comfortable and fun to wear.
eric.mann.001 - avatar eric.mann.001

What can I say. Get these you won't be disappointed. Gym, running, lounging whatever.
jacob.dennis - avatar jacob.dennis