Tips to Break In a Baseball Cap and Make It Your Own!

We all have different head shapes and face proportions, we think we look good in only certain cap styles (or sometimes none at all!) and it seems every guy at some point in his life has tried to get that “just right” look in pulling off a cap, in one way or another. Here we’ve collected some simple and effective tips to get that perfect fit, comfort and look in whatever style you’ve chosen!

Just wear it.

After you’ve decided whether or not to remove any bill stickers first, of course. And nope, we’re not wading into that debate! Heat and moisture are key in getting a ball cap to sit properly on your head, so just wear it all the time and let nature do its work. Over time, the hat will gradually conform to your head. But if you’re reading this you’re probably looking for more of a shortcut!

If you’re impatient, you can break in a baseball cap quickly!

Trying one or both of the following tips to break in a baseball cap can give you that perfect “Yeah bro, I’m a cap guy” look even if you bought it last week…

1. Spraying warm water onto the baseball cap or hat, making sure to soak the crown of the ball cap in hot water and then wear it until it dries. Spraying is better than pouring, in case too much water causes color to bleed onto any embroidery. This only works on wool or cotton hats. It won’t do as much for the polyester variety. Make sure to let the hat cool off a bit before you put it on.

2. Killing two birds with one stone: take a quick warm shower in your ball cap, then wear it until it dries. Doing this a few times may be more effective in getting the cap to finally conform to your head shape. Just be sure that your cap completely dries before taking it off!

How to Shape a Baseball Cap Bill

Some styles, like our 3D Wool Blend Snapback Cap look great on their own with a flat bill. If you like the sporty, rugged look of an athletic cap, like our Versatile Flexfit Twill Cap, or our super laid-back Paw Print Retro Trucker Caps then shaping is a must and an art form practiced since baseball caps were ever worn by a dude! Try these tips to get a solid curve in your bill, then adjust in the mirror to your liking:

1. Shape it with your hands. The simplest way to do it. Getting your bill to stay in its curved position will require frequent adjustment for a few days. But be careful to make sure you’re adjusting in a symmetrical way by checking the mirror now and then (like you need an excuse right?). Give the bill a nice gentle curve, you don’t want to create a sharp bend; you want an upside-down “U” rather than an upside-down “V” shape.

2. Break in baseball cap in a coffee mug! Stick the bill in a coffee mug overnight, maybe up to a few nights or for infrequent touch-ups. No hassle and leaves a long-lasting, well-formed curve in your bill (no rubber bands or marks needed with this process. This is my favorite method, and we even provide the perfect WOOF Coffee Mug for an authentic WOOFABLE curve (and shameless product placement).😉

How do you break in your baseball hats? Share your own tips with other WOOFers in the comments!

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