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5/14/22: There was an issue with our SMTP service that resulted in emails not being sent out, like password reset emails, etc. I’ve scaled up from Google to a best-in-class email SMTP relay service and continue to monitor the fix. Too many emails about it to reply, so will continue to update this page to reflect resolved issues. 😉 – Jerry

Answers to common inquiries

GENERAL POLICY QUESTIONS: Please visit our Terms & Conditions Page for additional information not included on this page.

PRE-SALE & CUSTOM TAILORING ORDER STAUS: Please visit our blog for updates on both of these topics.

RETURN POLICY: We want you to love what you buy, our items are made to last a long time and be your new favorites! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, or just need a different size, you may return it to us for a refund within 45 days of your order being delivered to you with no questions asked as long as it is in new condition fit for resale. Please note that we do not offer exchanges because we have a small warehouse and transient inventory of size/color SKUs in order to guarantee a suitable replacement. We offer refunds only, read our full Return Policy here.

COUPONS & DISCOUNTS: You are responsible for entering any promotional codes at the time of checkout, and verifying such discounts are acceptably applied to the order total, or free gifts added, before placing your order. We cannot under any circumstances retroactively apply discounts after you place an order – too many of these instances have caused problems with our bank rates since they are basically refunds and we are a small business. When problems arise applying a discount, 99% of the time it’s because many promotions cannot be applied together. General promotional code rules – one promotion per order, one use maximum per customer.

PAYPAL, APPLE PAY AND ANDROID PAY: These mobile payment methods are offered for your convenience (we like them a lot) but you are responsible for checking the delivery address provided by your mobile device when you check out. Like every other website, your delivery address in the order will be overwritten by your payment settings you should confirm before completing checkout. If you need to make a change, you can email us but we cannot guarantee post-purchase requests will be received and processed in time.

ORDER DELIVERY: Shipping and transit times are estimates only and not guaranteed as we are a very small business. Order status can be tracked anytime by logging into your account portalUSPS often incorrectly scans items and if you are notified that it’s delivered but can’t find it, waiting 2-3 days in our experience usually ends up with it being delivered as USPS mail is quite often scanned incorrectly. However, you should immediately check with your neighbors and visit your local post office where they can look for the package on site and/or track GPS scan data. If you suspect theft, immediately report the matter to your police department or neighborhood watch. We have the same exact tracking as you do and no special number to call or database to check, it’s like we basically just put a stamp so we are unable to provide any assistance or additional information and that is why we integrated Route package insurance at checkout because we know USPS sucks but we have no other option as a small business until we complete our fulfillment transition to Amazon. As a small business UPS and FedEx will only give us astronomically shitty rates.

INTERNATIONAL TRACKING: Regarding the tracking we provide, USPS reliably shows tracking only up until the plane unloads at your customs. (Our country’s mail service is incredibly lazy, hemorrhaging money and just waiting out their retirement. Just God awful, probably like your own but our volume isn’t large enough to get rates from other carriers that are affordable.) And all customs are very slow right now. Tip: your local post’s tracking website will work with the same number after it arrives in your country (at least most we’ve tried – for example the Australia Post website) so we recommend you try that if it appears frozen in the tracking links we send  to you.

THEFT & LOST/MISSING PACKAGES:  Package theft is climbing to an extreme level during the COVID epidemic so you are responsible to ensure a secure delivery point for your order. We offer third party package protection at checkout provided by Route. This optional service covers carrier loss and theft, and claims are to be filed directly with Route in the app or on route.com if you purchased this service during checkout (at the top of the YOUR ORDER DETAILS section on the checkout page). We cannot guarantee destination modification requests after your order is placed so please verify proper shipping address appears on the checkout page, and also updated in virtual wallet payment accounts that might be used (Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Afterpay, etc). If official parcel tracking indicates successful delivery at the address used to place your order, we do not cover refund or replacement in the case of missing packages, theft or otherwise. Even Amazon doesn’t officially do that but they can afford to usually make a one-time exception – not us. Any attempt to file a charge dispute against an order verified delivered by USPS will be reported as fraud to your bank and to the FBI if outside California, or to local police if inside California.

BACKORDERS & PRE-SALE ITEMS: Pre-Sale and backorder items are MADE TO ORDER items and non-refundable until after delivered to you, as you are directly ordering a specific product being made for you only. If you order an item that is marked as pre-sale, backorder or pre-order with an expected date, that date is not guaranteed as it involves variables outside our control especially with what is an international logistics crisis. Your order will ship when your pre-order item arrives in our warehouse, in the order in which it orders were received. Please check your order in your account portal, if it has a tracking number then it has been sent. We’re a small team and unable to respond to every order inquiry as to when an item will be shipping, as pre-sale item status is always updated continuously on the product page and emailed periodically, as well as in your account portal.  If a charge dispute is filed with your financial institution before your items arrive or are shipped, or under any other circumstances, it  will be reported as fraudulent and you will be unable to place future orders.

If you still need to contact us

*For any other order issues* not addressed above we can be contacted by mail at the following address and can take action immediately. Kind of ironic, huh?

WOOF Clothing
770 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101

You may also send us an email to support at woofclothing dot com (saying it like that attempts to prevent spam scrapers) but due to varying volume, spam and lack of staff other than Jerry, cannot guarantee a timely response and probably will not answer if it’s answered above or by logging into your account.  We get a lot of “has my order shipped” or “when will my package be delivered” that you can easily check yourself and do not have the staff for that level of support until we transition to Amazon in a few weeks. Tip: if there’s no tracking number and the status says “processing” it hasn’t been packed or shipped, and I know you’re just asking to complain lol.

That being said I do love you, thank you for all of your support, and if you really think you look so sexy in my clothes? Send me pics to the email address above to prove it! 😜 Don’t worry I won’t post anything without your permission, and if I do then I’ll likely trade store credit! 😘 – Jerry