Freeball & Commando Jock™ Sizing

For a comfortable fit without any "muffin topping" ORDER THE SAME SIZE as your 'mainstream brand' gym short size (Adidas, Champion, Puma, etc.) even if you order a size down on our shorts!

For example if you order a pair of our shorts "a size down" in small because you want a closer, more fitted look - then order a medium jock. The elastic waist on this item is a little firmer than the elastic in our shorts! (It's like typical but wider underwear elastic, and of course not padded by fabric against the skin.)

How to Wear
Holding the waistband with the logos outward and the support loop hanging downward in front, step through it and pull it up and position around your waist. Stretch the support loops (the two support straps should be kept together not separated) open a bit with one hand and pull your penis through first with the other hand, and then your scrotum. Now tug the waistband up a bit according to how much lift and support you need. (Note that you don't need to remove any clothing to put this garment on, or take it off.)

Waist Size

US SizeWaist
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Our 3rd Generation Push-Up Jock has Patent Pending, Dual Anti-Roll™ & Super-Lift™ Technology for extended wear, with more lift & support than ever! It has a wide waistband to minimize love handles and muffin topping and unlike embarrassing padded briefs or inserts, this is ALL YOU buddy - even after a skeptical "grope" from a non-believer that's all they'll feel. Be prepared for skyrocketing confidence and extra attention!
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