men's short chino shorts

The Chino Short has Been Reinvented.

No really, hear us out…😉

Made of the smoothest, shiniest, stretchiest cotton/spandex blend twill known to man, we've taken it light years ahead in comfort by lining the entire inside of these shorts with our signature spandex micro-mesh fabric used to make all of our Freeball Mesh™ Shorts.

Then we added inside-smooth side pockets that are hidden behind the mesh lining for an overall smooth inside feel, a secure buttoned back pocket, and a soft button fly.

🛡️30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

These will be the most comfortable chino shorts YOU'VE EVER HAD ON YOUR BODY (alright, maybe second to our Freeball Mesh™ Shorts) or send 'em back to us FOR A REFUND.*

The price seemed high, but with easy returns, I decided to try a pair. They look so good and are so comfy, I went and bought two more pairs of shorts and a pair of pants. The shorts are total five stars...
Todd E. / Verified Owner 2/11/20
Love these! These are made better than the “chubbies” shorts by over 150 percent! Customer for life!
Jason R. / Verified Owner 2/9/20
Well, I guess I can throw out all of my underwear… I won’t need them anymore with these shorts. They’re so incredibly comfortable and they look great.
Kyle H. / Verified Owner 8/16/19

Men's short chino shorts lined in silky smooth spandex mesh!

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"Seriously, just got it right. Their customer service is top notch. Their products are in a league of their own. Comfortable, quality, stylish, and most importantly, they make me smile. I love them and can’t wait to have them in all the colors. Pay attention to their recommendations about sizing because it is spot on. I’m just thrilled! Customer for life. It’s worth every penny, don’t wait any longer."
- Chase W.

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