(Updated) Discounts for Medical Workers, Under/Unemployed, First Responders, Military & Veterans, Teachers & Students

We’re #InThisTogether and proud to offer 20% off all orders for Medical Workers, Those Economically Disadvantaged, First Responders, Military & Veterans, Teachers & Students with our partner VerifyPass. WOOF has always offered Military & First Responder discounts since its inception but we’re now increasing that discount to 20% and expanding it to students & Teachers!

Read more below about how to register and redeem this discount on every single order on our website!

How To Redeem

To redeem your discount simply select the corresponding button during checkout, and you will be directed to VerifyPass to complete your verification. Upon verification, you will receive a one-time use coupon to use for your order! You can continue to log in with VerifyPass during subsequent orders, and receive and use coupons for each and every order!

Click the appropriate discount button in the cart before checkout and follow instructions in the pop-up window for registration with VerifyPass to receive your coupon code.

PLEASE NOTE: WOOF does not operate the verification process and we have no ability to intervene if you are denied eligibility. If you encounter any issues please contact VerifyPass directly at partners@verifypass.com.

What is VerifyPass?

VerifyPass is our longtime partner identity verification provider for online sellers like WOOF who offer exclusive discounts. It’s free for the person being verified, and you can use this same verification to shop multiple retailers. There is a directory of retailers who participate in each discount type on their website at VerifyPass.com.

If you’ve verified while shopping at another store, it could be with any one of several verification services. Double check the name of the verification service you used, as there are a few. If it isn’t VerifyPass, you’ll need to get verified with VerifyPass—it’s fast and easy.

If you previously verified with VerifyPass (formerly ID Discount) while shopping at WOOF, your login information is exactly the same as when you verified the first time. You won’t need to re-verify, but you will need to use the same login information as you did the first time. For example, if you signed in with Facebook, you should sign in with Facebook again.

Who’s Eligible?

Medical Workers

Nurses of all types (RN, LPN, NP, etc.)
Medical/Nursing/Physician Assistants
Hospital Staff
Therapist, Mental Health Professionals
All other healthcare professionals

The healthcare field is large. Therefore, this list is not exhaustive. If your job is in the healthcare field, you’re eligible.

Economically Disadvantaged

Persons receiving SSI/SSDI or Medicaid
Persons receiving SNAP, EBT, or state-sponsored benefits
Persons receiving Unemployment

Not Accepted:
Persons who do not receive above benefits, or cannot furnish proof of benefits

Note: VerifyPass does not make opinion-based determinations regarding who is disadvantaged and who is not. If you meet one of the above criteria, you are eligible. If you do not meet the above criteria, you will not be able to complete verification.

Police, Fire and EMT

Eligibility: 12 Million in the US. Also allows UK, Canadian and Australian Responders.

Law Enforcement (Police, Deputies, Federal LEO)
Firefighters (County, City, Wilderness)
Nurses / Doctors
Public Service / Government
Retired (of above)

This list is not exhaustive. Generally speaking, if your job directly responds to the chain of events after a person dials 9-1-1, you will be accepted. This doesn’t include cleanup crews such as tow truck drivers, line repairmen, etc.

Active Duty, Veterans & Dependents

Eligibility: 68 Million in the US. Also allows UK, Canadian and Australian Forces.

Active Duty (currently serving in the Armed Forces)
Veterans (formerly served in the Armed Forces)
Dependents (spouse or child of above)

Not Accepted:
Servicemembers outside of: U.S., Canada, U.K. & Australia
Non-Dependent Relatives (grandchild, cousin, etc.)

Pre-K, K-12 and Professors

Eligibility: 9 Million in the US. Also allows UK, Canadian and Australian Teachers.

Kindergarten – 12th Grade Teachers
University Professors
Pre-Kindergarten (includes private institutions, such as Montessori)
Anyone with a Teaching License

Not Accepted:
Teachers who are not Pre-K, K-12 or University Professors

Students with an eligible e-mail

Eligibility: 23 Million in the US. Also allows UK Students.

Students with a .edu e-mail address, or
Students with a .ac.uk e-mail address

More Discounts Coming!

We updated our Admin UI in preparation to release new groups. We’re aiming to release these groups (including Medical, Seniors & others) in early April. If you encounter any issues with our new Admin UI, please contact VerifyPass directly at partners@verifypass.com.

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