A few things I need to say



(Livestream video follows below)


All of us here at WOOF unequivocally support the Black Lives Matter movement, and stand in firm solidarity with the Black community.

But there's more that I want to say this morning.

As a gay man in my 40's I (like many of you) am no stranger to fear, slander, hate and institutional bias. During my young adult life as late as the 90's, the political and public discourse regularly disparaged us in the most disgusting ways. We protested, we marched, and ultimately outright defied the law – through the good action of then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom – which began a long chain of events ultimately ending at the Supreme Court.

However, we know that having equal rights on paper doesn't mean that all the hate and bias go away. They persist for generations – you may win battles, but perhaps will never win the war. And so we stand tall and proud with all of our Brothers and Sisters who fight for equality in different ways here in America and all over the world.

Further, White Supremacy or ‘White Nationalism' does not require hoods, swastikas, tattoos, memes, proclamations or a member roster. It's a rudimentary belief system that – especially and unfortunately since 2016 – we know all too well, and have seen its pervasive and devastating effects on America.


It is my prayer and hope that more will:

1. Call out racism and homophobia wherever it is seen or heard as “not ok”. Do not ignore it or give anyone a pass. They must know, in every situation, how unwelcome and wrong it is.

2. Protest peacefully, safely and intelligently but that doesn't mean you have to follow all the rules. Be creative.

3. Vote in November – and vote BLUE to remove TRUMP and all those complicit as our safety and civil rights on multiple fronts are in serious jeopardy, and we get just this brief chance to get back to a “Better America”.

Have a safe weekend everyone, and thanks for reading.

If you'd like to share any comments as well as see my livestream from yesterday's protest and some unfiltered thoughts keep scrolling down!

Till next time,

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6 thoughts on “A few things I need to say

  1. Joshua Collins says:

    Sleary is clearly unhinged and suffers from a serious cognitive impairment that compels him to promote the very party hellbent on his and every other queer person’s rights to dignity and equality. Not to mention he’s a freaking racist fool from a state where he’s, unfortunately, in good company.
    Jerry, thank you for your moving statement.

  2. scott-online says:

    Jerry, While not everyone will agree with every one of your statements, including me, I completely understand your passion, fears, and experiences which led to them.

    As a gay man in his late 50’s who came out right at the start of the AIDS epidemic, I lived through those years in the early 1980’s of both fears of anyone who was gay, may have had
    HIV/AIDS, let alone the people with their passed-down taught views of anyone gay. And though I lived in the SF Bay/Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Areas then which was much more accepting than in may places in the US, I also lived through raids on gay owned establishments by police and military police and the things that happened during them.

    I have dated men of every race and ethnicity. And there are historic discriminations of both being gay, and even more so racial discriminations of a non-white gay man which I really learned about through the men I dated.

    I believe we all must work and educate all children, and each other, to understand these biases and to look at everyone as a valued person and member of society.

    I too am supportive of the BLM movement and what is trying to be done to raise awareness and change in our society and policing, and to try to affect change to societal groups who have been consistently marginalized over decades and centuries. My hope is everyone in
    our society can learn to look at everyone as a brother, sister, child, or parent, and treat them all like family and raise each other up.

    And as I started with, not everyone will agree with all your statements, but I would still be happy to call you a friend.

  3. aaronmd1985 says:

    Racist Email? Sleary is obviously an idiot. If anything, I appreciate woof more than ever. Awesome clothes, keep up the good work buddy! <3
    Ps. The chino shorts are effing amazing!

  4. sleary says:

    Jerry……….Dude………. What are you doing??………. Why in the world would you send such a racist email out to all of your customers like that??………. I am so affended by your words that i don’t even know what to say……

    You have no right to tell your customers how they are supposed to vote any more than you have the right to tell me what clothes I can wear, what color my hair is, or what skin color is more important than the other.!!!!!….

    We are all the same !!!!………. EQUALITY is not limited to a persons skin color, race or gender !!!!!!!….. We are all the same !!!!……

    I am a PROUD GAY REPUBLICAN man in my 40’s and serve in a gay organization here in Atlanta of over 150 gay republican men that get together every year to support each other against the very kind of RACIST things you just said. We have never said, as a collective group, anything like what you just said toward our fellow Gay ‘Democrats’. We all have the right to our own opinions, ideas and belief systems………….. We would never try and tell you how to live your life or vote based solely on what “We” individually believe……

    Why would a business owner sabotage his own business by this kind of rhetoric ??………. Just because you believe a certain way doesn’t mean we all have to believe the same things you do Jerry !!…. So disheartening to see this as i actually enjoyed your product line!!….


    Not that it matters to you, obviously, but you just lost me as a customer as i am sure you will be losing more business than just from me……. That is “MY PRAYER AND HOPE”

    Shawn & the Other United Republican Gay Men of Atlanta, GA

  5. gholmberg says:

    Jerry, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am a gay man in my 60’s who remembers and took part in many protests over the years. Political protests, civil rights protests, gay rights protests, you name it.
    The point you made about legislation not being the end all is so true. I believe the only way to change minds is through actions. If we “ALL” stand up for one another and show love, respect and compassion to everyone, eventually, minds will change. It will take time, but I believe it will happen. It has too, or we will end ourselves and humanity. Love is the answer! God Bless you!

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